Daily updates at Zadie’s Facebook Page

This blog contains resources and status information for Zadie’s search, while her page on Facebook contains daily updates and communication. They’re not meant to duplicate nor replace efforts on either hand, so please use both to help us bring our sweet girl home!

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FindZadieTheFellsStonehamMa
This blog: zadiesearch.wordpress.com


Can you help this weekend?

We are looking for help with two tasks this weekend (June 22 & 23):

  • Continuing to post & re-post flyers in surrounding areas;
  • Passing out mini-flyers & talking to people in strategic high-foot-traffic areas (e.g. Stop & Shop in Medford or the Sheepfold)

If you are free Saturday or Sunday (or both!) let Matt know by emailing him at osbornesmith@yahoo.com

Area residents, please check around your home

Gail from Granite State Dog recovery advises:

If you live in any of the communities surrounding the Fells, please check under your decks, porches, sheds, or any other structure that would make a good hiding place–especially in the area of those structures that border walls or foundations. We really need a sighting, and are hoping Zadie might be hiding out in a neighborhood near food sources, bodies of water, parks, woods, etc. Thank you!


Reporting a sighting, plus gallery

We now have a form so people can submit their Zadie sightings online. Of course, we would prefer a phone call as soon as someone thinks they see her, but this is just another way to collect information. Maybe a family saw a loose dog three days ago, but didn’t hear about our search for Zadie until today. At least they will have a way to share what they’ve seen.

The link to the form is at the top right of all of the pages on the site or people can point to it directly by going to https://zadiesearch.wordpress.com/report-a-sighting/

Also up in the top right, note that we’ve added a Photo Gallery. All her posters are there, in addition to pictures of her in different settings/positions; we’ll add more as we go along. She may appear smaller or larger depending on the angle, and “about 50 pounds” might mean “big” to some people, but “small” to others. Hopefully having these pictures to compare will help people looking for our sweet girl.